How To Create An Alert?

The PSStrategyX tool comes with automated built in alerts for many different conditions including:
  • Open Position
  • Close Position
  • Close All Positions
  • Cancel Position
  • Cancel All Positions
  • Set Take Profit and Stop Loss For Position
  • Shut Down
  • More to be added....
All of these alerts are automatically converted into the correct syntax so your strategy can be connected with an exchange. So you only have to do one thing when you set an alert.

Here's what you do

When your ready to start auto trading open up the "Alert" tab.
Click Alert on TradingView
Set the "Condition" to PSStrategyX with "Order fills and alert() function calls"
You can add whatever "Alert name" you like or keep it blank. It doesn't matter.
Finally, in the "Message" you need to use this special placeholder {{strategy.order.alert_message}}
The alert popup in tradingview
Once you're done, you can click "Create" and your strategy is live! You can delete the indicators from the chart if you wish, or set up another strategy! There's no known limit to how many bots you can run as long as they are running on different exchanges (there is currently no way to specify different order ids)
What working alerts look like in TradingView with PSStrategyX
What working alerts look like in TradingView with PSStrategyX
Note: If you want to make changes to your strategy, those changes will not be reflected in the alert. Once set, the alert cannot be modified. Any changes will have to set in a new alert.