Generate Trading Signals

The first step in using the PSStrategyX effectively.

In this section we'll cover how to set up a signal generator (it's easy!).

The PSStrategyX tool does not work alone. Well it does, but it doesn't do anything. Just like a vehicle, it's useless without a driver. That's where the trading signals come in. So you'll need to have room for 2 indicators to make this work.

What Is A Signal Generator?

This is just a fancy name for an indicator that provides buy/sell signals. You might already use one, if not, don't worry there are plenty of them on TradingView and it's easy to make your own.

The only caveat is the buy/sell signals need to be plotted onto the chart in a specific way so they can be used as an input for the PSStrategyX tool.

You can check out the "Presets" section for ready-to-go signal generators or you can "Build Your Own"

If you already have a signal generator, then head to the next section to learn how to "Connect Trading Signals To PSStrategyX"

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