Set Up AutoView

This step is optional. However, if you want to use the Broker Connector and have your strategy execute live trades on a supported exchange then follow along.

What is AutoView?

AutoView is a third-party extension that allows traders to connect their TradingView account to their preferred exchange and execute trades automatically based on their strategies.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome

If you're already using Google Chrome, good. If not, great. In any other situation we would recommend using Brave browser, but unfortunately AutoView only works with Chrome. And it has to be run on a desktop environment. (If this is an issue, please voice your concerns and we will work on a webhook integration with another provider)

If you are wondering why we don't like Chrome check out this free course.

Step 2: Add the AutoView Extension to Chrome

You can search for AutoView in the "Chrome Web Store" or you can just go directly to here.

Step 3: Sign into TradingView and your Chrome Account so its connected to AutoView Extension

You'll be successful when the extension turns green. If you have any troubles from here AutoView has a discord and pretty good support. They should be able to help. If not, contact us and we will get you sorted.

If you're wondering what exchanges are supported by AutoView and respectively PSStrategyX, then check the "Supported Exchanges"

Get 10% Off AutoView!

AutoView is free to use for test nets, but if you want to trade on an exchange with real money, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid plan. has no affiliation with AutoView, however, if you'd like a 10% discount and help us earn a commission, then please consider using our coupon code.

Once you are done setting up AutoView head to the next section to --> Set Up An Exchange Account

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