Here are some important limitations to keep in mind when using the PSStrategyX trading tool:


  • Once the alert is sent, there is no way to monitor positions on any exchange. The order will be processed by Autoview and sent to the exchange. While this usually works fine, it's important to check the Autoview log for errors. Sometimes Autoview may fail to process the order, or the exchange may not process it for various reasons.

  • The tool sends TP/SL orders with the entry order when possible to protect your order in case of errors or if you lose a connection. However, not all exchanges accept TP/SL orders, and sometimes your entry order will be left unprotected.


  • This tool DOES NOT support the First In First Out (FIFO) method for closing positions.

  • Instead, it uses the ANY method. There currently is no way to make this variable.


  • This tool has only been tested with Binance and Gemini, and may have limitations or issues on other exchanges integrated with Autoview. I simply haven't had time to test all the exchanges yet, and will update accordingly.

  • Gemini does not allow TP/SL orders and only supports market orders.

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