Frequently Asked Questions

What does PSStrategyX do exactly?

Aha. Skimmed the page did ya? No worries... read this.

PSStrategyX is a cloud-based strategy enhancing, backtester, forwardtester, automation and simulation tool. It's NOT a signal generator, and does not produce buy/sell signals by itself. You provide buy/sell signals, and PSStrategyX will put those signals on steroids...basically.

PSStrategyX helps you figure out what indicators actually work. Without wasting time learning how to code.

No other tool provides complete automation from strategies to live trading.

...so you can test thousands of trade ideas... and prototype the most profitable strategies to maximize ROI on historical AND realtime data – before you spend a penny or take single real trade.

Does PSStrategyX work with Windows and Mac (OSX)?

Yes! PSStrategyX is a cloud-based software. All you need is a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone and you are good to go. PSStrategyX is built on top of TradingView, so anywhere TradingView works so will this. The broker connector will not work on mobile devices, so when you're ready to test on a live environment, you will need a desktop or a VPS.

Is it easy to get started and use PSStrategyX?

Sure is. PSStrategyX only requires one input to work. If you want to take advantage of the advanced features there are step-by-step tutorials included to get you on track as quickly as possible. You also get instant access to a growing library of Signal Presets. These Presets are plug and play and in the future will come preloaded with settings so you don't have to tweak anything. Just plug in a few of YOUR numbers and you've got a working strategy in 5 minutes.

How frequently is PSStrategyX updated?

Our team releases regular updates, improvements and fixes. What's great is... all these updates happen automatically without you having to download or install anything. We have tons of new features planned for PSStrategyX. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them :-)

Do I get free updates and support?

Of course! Your license includes ALL future PSStrategyX updates at no extra cost. Also, you get free support by just opening a ticket.

Why did you choose AutoView for this tool?

AutoView offered the best integration I could find. They allow you to connect to test exchanges for free, which is great for practicing without using real money. They also work without using webhooks, which means you can live trade without paying for Tradingview pro. Additionally, AutoView supports many different exchanges. I don't work for AutoView, but if you sign up through my referral link and purchase a paid version, I earn a commission.

Why doesn't Tradingview automatically connect Pine Script to exchanges?

This is a great question, but unfortunately I don't have the answer. It would definitely be helpful if Tradingview provided this feature, but it might also put some brokers out of business.

How do I get access?

Please see here

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